RAISE YOUR VOICE is a creative consortium that harnesses the power of the arts and media to empower , uplift, educate,inspire and unite . From dance to design, music to film, television to theatre, we produce work and create opportunities that inspire children to dream and adults to become change agents who restore and build their communities.

Through our PRODUCTION COMPANY we specialise in developing unique responses to individual, communal and corporate needs. Our work ranges from brand activations to large-scale public to content production and corporate events. 

Through RAISE YOUR VOICE MEDIA we produce audio and visual content that inspires and engages audiences encouraging them to think beyond the confines of their situation .

Through the RAISE YOUR VOICE FOUNDATION we create opportunities for and assist with the development of artists and the arts. We also produce social mobilisations, educational and recreational programmes designed to restore dignity, facilitate transformation and foster social cohesion .

Empathy is root of all understanding and weaknesses re committed to embracing the power of the arts and media to catalyse it .