Awesome SA Raise Your Voice Foundation

empower .uplift . educate . inspire .unite


The Awesome SA Raise Your Voice Foundation (ARYV) is a registered NPO /PBO committed to harnessing the power of the creative arts and media to empower , uplift, educate,inspire and unite . From dance to design, music to film, television to theatre, we produce work and create opportunities that inspire children to dream and adults to become change agents who restore and build their communities.

  • By creating opportunities for young South Africans to be exposed to the arts , ARYV helps raise educational outcomes and enrich their overall quality of life .
  • Our programmes are designed to promote healthy forms of self expression whilst learninginvaluable life skills .
  • Our programs also provide a platform for new talent to be identified,nurtured and empowered .
  • Through active social mobilisations ,educational and recreational programmes, the foundation works torestore dignity, facilitate transformation and foster social cohesion and shared understanding in South African communities.
  • Empathy is the root of shared understanding , and ARYV is committed to using the arts to foster it .
  • ARYV is committed to helping change the narrative – forgoing the negative rhetoric of the day in favour of optimisim and hope .


Arts Development :

  • Our projects offer opportunity for learners , young adults and in fact all members of the public alike , to explore and develop their musical and creative talents  .
  • They are encouraged to find and express their own creative voices and benefit from the personal development that the arts offer .
  • Disadvantaged youth and learners are prioritised through our talent identification projects , and benefit from our various showcase and development opportunities .

Social and environmental awareness projects :

  • ARYV projects are designed and developed to encourage learners and community members to be socially and environmentally aware.
  • We promote the importance of caring for the world we live in and encourage to all to #PlayYourPart .
  • The projects vary in nature from formal educational events to youth centred , fun and engaging productions .
“Play Your Part” is a anthem that we wrote and produced for the Ushaka Ocean Warriors for use at the school and park performances . It aimed at engaging a young audience in making a difference .

Heritage and Legacy Preservation :

  • ARYV projects use music and the arts to share , explore and preserve our rich cultural historical legacy.
  • Music holds memory , and we will remember important moments in our past through exploring the music and arts of the time .
  • Campaigns Such as #LalelaAbazali pays homage to the fallen heroes who fought for freedom in South Africa .
Scene from our production called “Songs of Hope and Freedom” which explores the role that music has and will continue to play in the fight for freedom .

Social Cohesion :

  • ARYV projects all place great importance on promotion shared understanding and empathy .
  • Music and the arts have the ability to change hearts and minds and thus play a vital role in the healing of our land .
  • For South Africa to be a truly cohesive country , we need to dig deep and open our heartds and minds to the restoration and healing that is possible through the arts .

Job Creation and skills transfer :

  • A large focus of all ARYV projects is the creation of jobs for arts and related industry practitioners as facilitators ,artists or support crew .
  • ARYV also create opportunities for senior and tertiary level learners to  shadow professionals and gain first hand industry experience .This offers invaluable job experience , skills transfer and industry networking .
  • For the learners, observation of industry professionals at work and hearing their life stories , will offer them first hand experience of the industry at large.
  • The economic empowerment of artists and arts probationers is of immense importance to us and thus we create and produce work that offers them economic empowerment . Some of our productions employ over 100 artists and support staff at a time .